About Us

Marco Dabizzi, the Gastronaut

Marco was raised cooking in the Tuscan hills sorrounding Florence. He spent his summers on his grandparents' farm and started baking and cooking with his grandmother as a child, helping pick vegetables off the garden and fresh eggs from the hen's coop. His love for baking continued even if his career went in another direction, working as a software engineer and a network specialist in the last 20 years. He likes to cook and entertain friends and family whenever possible, and he spend his weekends in the Slitti's Chocolate and Coffee Shop in Port Fairy baking terrific macaroons and beautiful European style desserts.
Do you want to contact Marco? Mobile 0438 852 241 (please, be patient: his English is still far from being perfect...)

Antonella Bettazzi, the Gastronaut's wife

Antonella's family owned a deli shop in Tuscany for their whole life, and she learnt to recognise the best mortadella or prosciutto when she was barely able to speak. Great cheese lover, Antonella is a truly Mediterranean housewife, and her favourite food is certainly pasta! She's terrific at the coffee machine, where lattes or cappuccinos don't have any secrets fot her, even if she still love to drink a straight espresso.